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Goa... Churches, Chapels, Grottos

There is more to Goa than sun, sand, blue skies, tourists  and good food. 

The best way to explore Goa is on a 2-wheeler. So a recent trip to the sunny state, I did just that. Besides soaking up the sun and breathing the fresh air,  you can’t help but notice the numerous churches, chapels and grottos that dot the mostly lovely, narrow, long winding road mostly covered by trees.

Goa – a former Portuguese colony is a Catholic stronghold in western India. 25% of the Goan populace is Roman Catholic and that explains why.

These religious symbols zip past you on the left, right and sometimes right in the middle of the street.  Some are crafted from local red stone, however, most of them are painted white. The ones perched high up on cliffs blend beautifully with the thick white puffs of cotton candy clouds in the background.

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